We are a small business based in Hampshire that creates unique and meaningful gift boxes focussed around positive affirmations. Our mission at Winter and Spring is to help you show the people you love just how much you care. Our boxes go beyond the gifts inside to reach out and show someone you’re there and on their side. Have a look at our Positive Affirmation page to find out more about how the affirmations in our boxes can really help someone.

Hi, I'm Lucy and I am the founder of Winter and Spring! Here is a bit of info about where Winter and Spring came from!
In 2019 my sister started new job; a job she was certainly experienced and capable for. However, she was overwhelmed with thoughts that she wasn’t good enough and that she wouldn’t be able to do the job – textbook Imposter Syndrome.

It was really hard seeing someone you love feeling so negative about themselves and unable to recognise or believe their talents and true worth. I wanted to do something for her to give her the confidence and self-belief she deserved. I couldn’t find anything that really fitted the bill so I set about creating some cards just for her with hand drawn flowers (the same flowers on our beautiful cards today). She loved them and it was great to give her a meaningful gift and let her know I believed in her and was there to support her.

Having used positive affirmations myself, I knew how powerful they could be and felt that the power to change our negative thoughts was probably the best gift we could give! This is where the idea for Winter and Spring was born – a unique and meaningful gift box service to spread positivity and hope.

Life is cyclical - sometimes we will be on the up, sometimes we won’t. When things aren’t on the up it can be hard to see that at some point they will turn around for the better again. Like in nature, a tree must drop its leaves in winter in order to make way for the new life and growth that the spring will bring. We really believe in the power of affirmations and their ability to see us through the winter.

After all, after winter does come spring

Lucy x