It’s inevitable that we will all have negative thoughts about ourselves from time to time. However sometimes those negative thoughts form a pattern. It’s like a well-trodden pathway; the more we think those thoughts, the easier it is for our brains to find the track and head straight back to the negativity.

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m not experienced or clever enough”

“I hate my body”

“Everyone else is better at that than me”

“I could never do what they are doing; I am not good enough”

“Everyone else is coping; but I am not strong enough”

“I am not doing well in my job”

“I cannot achieve anything”

These are all common negative thoughts that we may think from time to time.

Constant negative programming in our brains can create serious barriers for us. It stops us feeling good about ourselves, feeling confident, recognising our talents and abilities and much more. All of which holds us back and prevents us from achieving our goals and living a contented life.

Positive affirmations can help us transform those negative thoughts into positive ones. Our words have such a powerful impact on our brains. Regular repetition of positive affirmations can reprogram our brains; take charge of those thoughts and combat those sub-conscious patterns.

It sounds like magic, but it’s not – its science! Many studies have shown that affirmations can have the following benefits:

  • Motivation to make positive change and boost self esteem
  • Reduce health deteriorating stress
  • Help us perceive “threatening” messages with less resistance, allowing us to cope with everyday challenges better
  • Less likely to dismiss harmful health messages
  • Lower stress and rumination which can contribute to anxiety and depression


Repetition really is key when it comes to affirmations. The more you repeat them the quicker your brain will start to make a new positive pathway.

 At the start, our minds won’t believe them, but after continual repetition they will become part of our subconscious mind.

Saying them out loud to yourself in front of a mirror is a really powerful way to use the affirmations and enable your brain to hear the message.

If you don’t feel comfortable with that, you could say them in your head to yourself. Or you could try writing them down in a journal to solidify the message.

How quickly you can create new positive pathways and reprogramme your brain to positive thoughts will depend on how often you use your positive affirmations and how engrained the negative thought is to start with.

You've got this! x